Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Tribute to Disciples

I love disciples of Jesus. I've visited many of them during the past seven years. In the US--LA, NY, LV; in Europe--London (England), Cologne (Germany); in Central America-- San Jose (Costa Rica); in the South Pacific-- Melbourne (Australia), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea); in Asia--Bangkok (Thailand), Seoul (Korea), Phonm Pehn (Cambodia), and Hong Kong (China). These were the places that I either had lived or simply visited, not counting disciples from all over the world that I've met along the way. (Well as a single woman, traveling is a perk. I do want to be married, but while single, I intend to live it up and to the full, which is the kind of life Jesus has promised to ALL who believes in him (John 10:10))

I've been given a privilege to see the work of God in more places than some, and one of the things that continues to amaze me is that the spirit and heart attitude of disciples are essentially the same everywhere. How amazing! Praise God!

Ok, I've traveled the world somewhat. I can honestly say that what makes each trip so amazing has to do with the people, especially disciples, that I meet along the way, so much more than what a place alone can offer. My heart is stirred when I see people who, despite their struggles to make ends meet, give of their time and money to love others whom they have adopted as moms, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. My life is rich, not monetarily for sure, but with friends. Also the depth of friendship among disciples is incomprehensible to the world. I believe it's because we are connected on a deeper level, a spiritual level. We are not just friends, but brothers and sisters and fellow soldiers in Christ.

I met a Thai sister who's possibly in her thirties. Her name is Kop. I was moved by her heart because, despite her poor health, she adopted a five year old girl who was abandoned by her mother who used to attend church. Kop gave up the freedom of her single life to take care of a child when she didn't ask for it. It's that of heart that inspires me.

This time in Thailand, I've made a special effort to spend time with the disciples in Bangkok. It's special because I have to commute three hours each way from Chonburi, twice a week. Each time I go into Bangkok, I would spend the night with different sisters: Julie, Pom, Ari, Anna, Aae. I prefer to do the rotations and don't want to overstay my welcome. The other night we fellowshiped with Sally who was visiting from Burma and played cards till one in the morning. I think the Thai disciples really know how to have fun with the little that they have.

Right now some of us are planning to go to the Jubilee in Manila, the Philippines. I'm so excited. What a feast of fellowship will that be!

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